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Golf Tournaments in 6 Simple Steps

event sample guests rsvp or but tickets

Guests RSVP or Buy Tickets

With one click, guests respond and add contact info and payment information (if applicable). Then, guests can register a group of attendees with individual details captured for each attendee, such as available tee times, t-shirt size or special needs.

event sample starting hole assignment map

Starting Hole Assignment Map
Guests pick a hole or you assign them

You choose whether guests can view the map after they RSVP or you may need to assign guest placement yourself. Note each guests meal choice and allergies. And one more click shares the guest seating, meal choices and guest needs with your hotel or venue.

event sample guests pay

Guests Pay

Guests pay via credit card or have an invoice and payment instructions sent to them.

You can add credit card transactions, view payment logs, sign into a payment gateway or
edit payment settings.

Guests Are Emailed a Confirmation

Each guest receives an email confirmation with all the event details, a map and a calendar reminder to add to their Outlook, Google Calendar or other calendar software.

event sample guests pay or buy tables
event sample guest list is automatically built

Guest List is Automatically Built
and you manage the guest list

As guests respond, the list manager summarizes the responses and emails you notifications.

You can add responses for phone-in RSVPs, search, sort and filter the guest list, and download your responses into Word, Excel, and other programs for attendance lists and nametags.

event sample remind guests

Remind Guests
and notify them of important events

Remind guests to ensure they dress right or to send their payment, improving your cash flow.

You can notify guests to update registration details with their companion, team or table information so you can offer premium service to every guest.

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